My name is Sercan Aktan. I'm a professional with more than 8 years experience in using Unity. I am both familiar with front-end and back-end development of 2D, 3D games or AR/VR projects.

MERGE CHEF 3D (2021)

Help Yua take over her grannies’ Moon Sushi Restaurant and turn it into her dream project. Yua is a natural people person, and she pours her heart and soul into surviving her family diner. Help her by combining the tastiest food items to earn coins, stars and chef likes. Team up with friends, join the events, climb up the charts, and triple the fun. Meet regular customers, serve them your specialties, and help each other out while developing genuine friendships.

  • NO ENERGY SYSTEM - There is no energy limit
  • EASY TO PLAY - Learn how to play in minutes.
  • TEAMS - Team up with friends and other players to send and receive refills!
  • RELAXING GAMEPLAY - No time pressure, no failing!
  • WORLD CUISINES - Discover the tastiest treats of different cuisines.



In this poker card game, you don’t wait and act quickly. Tired of waiting after you fold or when your opponent takes too long to play? In a Flash Poker game, everything happens fast and you always enjoy your time playing.

  • Fast Gameplay for the most intriguing poker game
  • High Stakes for biggest chips payout
  • Texas Holdem tournaments against online poker players with big rewards
  • Classic card gameplay for all poker lovers
  • Play against your friends in-game or Facebook friends
  • Stylish light interface that won’t heat your device and eat battery

Android - IOS

Make-a-Bag (2020)

Unity Developer

Make-a-Bag is a FREE app to design and order fully customized handbags. Use your imagination to create the bag you have always wanted - and make it a reality.

  • Free material selection
  • Photo Printing
  • Text printing
  • Customizable straps
  • Select a handle
  • Zipper selection
  • Match the thread and edge color to your design
  • Customizable inside lining
  • Great quality
  • Easy in-app handling and fully detailed 3D previews of your bag

Android - IOS


Backend Developer

It is the official mobile game of Strike Force Troopers, a record breaking series with each episode broadcasted. Your team is waiting for you to join operations which based on same scenarios with the series. Become the team commander and upgrade you team and complete the levels! With each completed level, new trooper will join your team.

  • Point and click to give direction to your team.
  • Collect medals to upgrade the abilities of the troopers you chose at the beginning of each level.
  • Recover the health of the troopers in the game.
  • Rescue hostages from the hands of enemies.
  • Explode barriers that you found in the road and neutralize enemies.
  • Do not harm to civilians, keep them out of danger.
  • Complete levels and earn gold.
  • Buy new weapons to your team with the golds that you won.
  • Call drone support when necessary.
  • Throw bomb by drag'n drop and destroy enemies.

Android - IOS


Game Developer

Go beat all football clubs and become one of the card tournament champions! Train your team, win a world tournament, a cup or a national league and climb to the top as an online soccer star! Be a top coach, master your deck and assemble powerful combos in this card game of strategy. Seize control over the football field and experience PvP combat. Build your deck to maximize the power of your amazing players in order to score goals and beat your rivals in real live matches! Create your competition deck with the best soccer stars and improve their stats in this multiplayer online game. Enjoy this card strategy game that brings you the best experience of a football match in real time. Start developing your cards club and get to the mayor leagues by winning all the matches in this amazing sports simulator. Build your ultimate Deck and aim for the top! Download the game NOW and start your journey to become the best tactics player on the field in Top Stars!

Android - IOS

NISH (2017)

Gonna blow your mind!

  • Addictive
  • Totally Unique Gameplay
  • One Tap Control
  • Harmonic music system with gameplay
  • Play against your friends [ Leaderboards ]

This is the story of an octopus named Jupi. Help Jupi to go deep and collect treasures.

  • Addictive
  • Simple Controls
  • Challenge Your Friends
  • 4 level to discover
  • Endless Gameplay
  • Leaderboards

Your child can learn turkish words while they are having fun. Specially designed pictures and turkish pronunciation support.

  • Designed for pre-school
  • 75 different image and words
  • Sound support
  • 3 categories

One More Color is a one tap game with simple gameplay and graphics.

  • Addictive
  • Endless
  • One touch control
  • Harmonic music system with gameplay
  • Changing menu colors according to your hook that you thrown
  • Level systems to discover
  • Play against your friends [ Leaderboards ]
BOUNCE (2015)

Bounce is the basic platform game where you are trying to pass all the rings and finish the levels. Finish levels as fast as you can, but it is not that easy. Don't let the ball fall on the spines Inspired from old Nokia game.

  • Stunning HD graphics
  • Well designed, interesting levels
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Google Play Games integration to compare scores with your circles and those across the world, as well as sync your scores across devices
  • Unlock 11 different achievements

It's a story of the Chico. Everything have started with the first thrown rock to Chico while sleeping in his nest. He wants revenge from all humanity. He can't stay calm anymore. You should help to Chico in his purpose. But don't forget, things are going to be harder more and more, don't give up !

  • Endless gameplay
  • 2 different control support
  • Customizable character
  • Leaderboards

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